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One more buggy bonus objective
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Autor:  flaminflamin2 [ Sonntag 6. August 2017, 22:04 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  One more buggy bonus objective

Hey, sorry for bumping this, but there is a lot going about Aquanox Deep Descent, so I played AN1 and A2 after a long time to bring back memories. I was just messing around in AN2 and find this by accident:

There is a bonus objective for mission "Intrepido"!
After you take out the 3 ships, Goons will wait you at the NAV point. Don't go there! Head back to Brainfire (North - NorthWest) and wait a bit. 5 more TZ-Intrepido ships will come eventually and you can take them out too. For a weird reason they won't fight back, they just going South pretty fast. After the last one is destroyed you will see "Bonus objective achieved: Destroy second Intrepido wave", and Goons will say "Man, you are clever! Great idea covering our tracks like that... and worth a bonus." Sadly the result screen will still show 0/0 bonuses - and you won't get anything. There is another bugged bonus objective in Vastian Griegh - which is commonly known I guess, but this Intrepido one seems to be a new find! I wonder how much more we are missing :)

Autor:  thexil [ Dienstag 8. August 2017, 10:37 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: One more buggy bonus objective

Hmm interesting. It has been a while, but I do not think I knew this one.

Oh btw, welcome! Feel free to write everything in English.
I wonder if you also played Archimedian Dynasty? Its the first one of the series.

Autor:  flaminflamin2 [ Freitag 11. August 2017, 21:47 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: One more buggy bonus objective

I played it, really-really long ago, and I love it, lot of content in that game! Actually I'm not new here, I made some post in 2010 (initially with 'flaminflamin' username, but the password was lost.) I made some uploads with pictures of ships and bonus objectives walkthrough videos of AN2 which were taken off YouTube a long ago, but I found them on my dusty old PC! The videos are quite low quality unfortunately.

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