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Modding Aquanox 1 & 2

Verfasst: Dienstag 11. Oktober 2022, 08:55
von PyroChiliarch2

I'm trying to get into modding Aquanox, I've already created a tool that I plan on adding more features to.

Does anyone have documentation/details/source code that could help me read some of the files included in Aqaunox 1 and 2?

So far Paks are sorted, was able to read the source of AquanoxMarkUnPAK,
I have partial information for msb files from comments in

Any extra details anyone can provide will really help :D

Re: Modding Aquanox 1 & 2

Verfasst: Freitag 3. März 2023, 14:48
von Einheit-101
I used that tool to create my new mod. It works very well. But its too bad that we cant edit mission scripts or USIs or the AN2.DAT. They hold a ton of useful hardcoded information.

Here is the new 3ds max .msh exporter to create AN1/2 compatible models: ...