[AD] model/texture formats

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[AD] model/texture formats

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once again I'm trying to figure out random file formats used by AD :)

This time, I'm poking at the model and texture formats. Models are stored in vfx/module/*mod. The structures of those files is partially documented in http://projectaqua.sourceforge.net/cgi- ... ileFormats.

So, what I figured out so far is:
After the 18 bytes module header the file contains the given number of vertices (ie there's numPoints SF_MOD_POINT structures).

Unfortunately I couldn't figure out the layout of the remaining data in the files. I know there's a list of the model's faces, but I don't know in which order the data is stored.
I do know that every face references the texture that should be applied to that face (ie, anscout1.mod contains a reference to "mod_001" 106 times, ie each face will be applied a part of mod_001). Since vfx/texture/mod_001.imb also contains the textures for another model (not sure which one it is :o), I also know that the face needs to specify the coordinates of the part of the texture that should be used. I don't know how exactly those are stored however :(

So, does anyone know the exact layout of the AD model files? How are a model's faces stored in *.mod?