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Aquanox world notes
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Autor:  NJK [ Mittwoch 13. Juli 2011, 15:09 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Aquanox world notes

Hi guys

Sorry for posting in English but I don't think anyone will understand if I post in Afrikaans.

I am looking for a document about the world of aquanox. Yes I understand it is post apocolyptic, but would love to have world maps,stories of each city and character back grounds.

Is something like this available, and if not, can someone post some information please? :blume:


---Post in Afrikaans---
Ek vra omverskoning vir die Engels, maar ek glo nie enige iemand sal Afrikaans verstaand nie.

Ek is op soek na 'n dokument in verband met die wereld van Aquanox. Ja ek verstaan wel dat dit post apokalipties is, maar dit sal regtig 'n genot wees om wereld kaarte, stories van die stede en karakters se agtergrond te kon kry.

Is daar wel iets soos dit beskikbaar, en as nie, sal iemand van die inligting met ons deel hier?

Baie dankie

Autor:  Treak [ Mittwoch 13. Juli 2011, 15:17 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Aquanox world notes

Well there would be Corny's datanet where you can find about anything.
But it in german only as far as i know :/

Autor:  Corny [ Mittwoch 13. Juli 2011, 19:20 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Aquanox world notes

Yeah, I didn't come very far with the English translation (approx. 0%).
I would help you with the translation into Africaans if I could, but well - my progress with Africaans is as good as the one of the English translation of my site :D

Autor:  NJK [ Samstag 16. Juli 2011, 20:12 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Aquanox world notes

GREAT! Thanks guys.

I also found an old Aquanox Central at

Autor:  Rikki-Tikki-Tavi [ Sonntag 17. Juli 2011, 11:52 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Aquanox world notes

Hi, welcome to our forum. But why did you think we wouldn't know the Internet archive?

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