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Need some help with CD copies of the AN games
Light, everyone. I was a user on the original Massive Development forums for the Aquanox series (albeit under a different name)--I even bought Aquanox 2: Revelation for full price, sight unseen, when it was still commercially available after playing through an enjoying an OEM copy of Aquanox 1 that came with an old graphics card of mine.

After a long time, I've decided to try and reinstall my physical copy of AQ2, but ran into a problem--the installer complains that "math64.dll" file is missing, and the compatibility options on Windows 7 don't seem to help with this. And before anyone tells me to "go and buy the digital distribution version of the Aquanox series on Steam/Good Old Games/etc.," I'd like to see if I can get these old CDs to work again. Does anyone know how I might successfully install and run AQ2 off the original discs on Windows 7?

I'd also like to know if anyone here has some information in English about how to mod AQ2. I think it's unfortunate that items like the XT Vendetta (a bonus item that increases the damage of the most basic weapon in the game by 20%) or the Robot Repair Kit is available are available so late in the game. Let me explain why below:

  • By the time you can get the XT Vendetta item in AQ2, you already have access to weapons that are much better than even upgraded Vendetta guns (NOT the Gatling or Sniper versions).
  • Another XT Item, the XT Plasma Jet, is gotten too late to be of much use (you can get it when you do missions in El Topo's Asylum, and one of them awards you with a Plasma Gatling, which is much better than even an upgraded Plasma Jet).
  • The Robot Repair Kit should also be given to you earlier, because otherwise, missions like "Dr. Finch" and "Stoney in a Fix" are too difficult (because of their length and the amount of enemies you have to kill).

Finally, has anyone had any success in extracting the Aquanox soundtrack and weapon sound effects? I'd like to use the soundtrack and sound effects for both games in mods for other games.

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